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Web Design, Web site Repair, and CGI Programming for Your Web sites.
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Small business Web sites
We know that small businesses need to have a Web site to stay ahead of their competition. Web site repair - does your site need fixing?

We know that small businesses don't always have a big budget for their Web site, or don't have the time, energy, or resources to spend building and maintaining a Web site. The focus of a small business is to work on their business, generating sales, keeping their customers happy and creating more income.

That's where we come in.
Our focus is Web sites for small businesses. We can help you improve your online presence by building or updating your site.

Site design.   Repairs.   Refresh.     Don't have a Web site? We can help.

Does your site load slowly, or not have the 'crisp' look that you want your customers to see?  We can help by tuning up your site, optimizing for search engines, trimming file sizes, and ensuring that it loads quickly so that your site visitors do not get impatient or bored. Don't lose your visitors to the competition.

Cgi scripts and custom cgi programming
Personalize your business web site by adding professional contact forms, order forms, request for information forms - or just about any other type of form that is appropriate for your business. custom cgi programming by 2bone.com

Custom forms, backed with a custom made cgi script show your customer that you are serious about your business and that you want to hear from them.

We can create those forms for you so that they fit seamlessly within the look of your site. Our custom cgi scripts are written to meet your needs, and to make it painless for your customer to use the forms on your site. Our cgi scripts are configured and installed for you, and we'll be here in the future when you need changes to be made as your business needs change.

Contact us about your Web site, or custom cgi programming.

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