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Reciprocal Links - Why and How
by David Sharp of Sharpwit Web Consultants

In a previous article, I wrote on the success I have had with "pay per click" services. You maintain your web position by "bidding" on certain words or phrases that are relevant to your web site. Another method, which requires more work and due diligence, are reciprocal links to other web sites similar to your own.

A majority of experts agree that reciprocal linking is a good thing to do. For example, Dennis Gaskill says, "Links should be a vital part of most web sites, and not just an afterthought." (Reciprocal Linking by Dennis Gaskill of http://boogiejack.com)
Michael Block says that "Having a solid link exchange campaign is a crucial part of your overall marketing, not just as a traffic boost from having a listing on another site, but also from a search engine perspective." ( "Exchanging links - the pitfalls - plus link management software review" by Michael Bloch)

It's a fact that both inbound and outbound links can increase traffic from search engines and obtain a better position:
"Getting lots of other sites to link to yours is an absolute must for attaining a top ranking in Google and the other top search engines " ( www.rlrouse.com ) Joop Liefaard states: "Reciprocal linking is a powerful method to improve the ranking of your web site in the search engines and to generate more targeted traffic to your online business."

Not only is reciprocal linking good for visitors, many appreciate a well-organized page of relevant links. Both web sites benefit, one from the other. Many of the articles agree that it is generally easier to gain reciprocal links when one has sites with good, up to date, and search engine friendly content. It is important to link to pages with quality content that will benefit our visitors, even without a reciprocal link. "Quality" is subjective, of course. If your content is quality in the eyes of web masters considering linking to you, they are more likely to do so. The links section of your site can itself represent quality content.

The article "Reciprocal Links - Why and How" was submitted by:
Sharpwit Web Consultants   © 2004 D.Sharp; First Canadian Serial Rights.
See our virtual community at www.castlegarbc.ca or www.columbiariver.ca

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