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The Free Online Link Checker

Enter the URL to the page you want checked and we'll instantly test the links on your page to see if they're working! It's a simple 3 step process that takes only seconds. No signup, no login required.   Why should I test my links?

Note: currently the linkchecker will only test regular <html> links, it will not test any links in Flash objects (movies) or javascript links.
Step 1.
Enter the Web site URL to check:  
Step 2.
Choose how to see your results returned:  
 Express Lane.
Faster results, 10 per page. (recommended)
 'I can wait' service.
Don't worry about speed, give it to me all at once.
Press the button
Note: it can take a few seconds per link on your page for the results to be returned. If you have dozens of links, or several non-responsive links, or are linked to slow-loading sites, your results will take longer to be displayed.


Check your links at

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