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Web Programming - Perl/CGI, MySQL.

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Are you a Designer or a Programmer?
Web site designers know that there is a difference between Web site programming and Web site design. Designers are often graphic artists and may or may not have a programming background.

Programmers on the other hand, sometimes have little skill in design, and many of the canned scripts available online readily demonstrate this.

What happens when a Designer needs to use something that was built by an anonymous programmer? This can often lead to some really good looking Web sites that have a few really bad looking features.

On the other hand, as a custom programmer, I am able to integrate my scripts into the design of your site. Your clients will never know the difference.

Why not just use a 'canned script'?
Often a client will request features for their site that require some type of CGI programming, and the designer is forced to turn to the internet to find a 'canned' script to do the job.
There are hundreds upon hundreds of free (or inexpensive) scripts readily available on the internet if you know where to look. Some are very good. Others are not.

In most cases, a canned script will prove to be adequate, though sometimes it involves a fair bit of searching, and some trial and error while you attempt to integrate it into your site's design and modify some of the features of the script so that it is suitable for use on your site. Once you've modified it as best you can, you then need to get it uploaded to your site and get it working.
The time and effort required to locate such a script and then to actually get it working can be costly and frustrating. The end result is often not exactly what you were hoping for, so you end up compromising and are forced to tell your client that it was the best thing available.

We have a better solution. Why not contact and have us handle your CGI programming needs? Programming is what we do.

Custom work is a better fit!
We can custom build a script to meet your needs, tailoring the 'look and feel' so that it matches the rest of the site. We'll give it the functionality that you request, install it on your site, test it thoroughly, and make sure that it looks the way you want it to. What's more, we'll do it at a reasonable price, that you can pass along to the client. Bonus: you've just saved yourself hours of searching and frustration and lost productivity.

But it's expensive, right?
Custom programming work is not necessarily expensive. We have custom solutions available from $50 and up, with a better than average customized feedback form costing approximately $150, setup, installed, live and functioning.

Why not contact us the next time you're looking for a CGI script? To request a quotation on a custom programming job, please see the form located here, or email us at

We do custom programming to meet your needs using perl, php, and mysql.

Contact us.
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