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Link Checker News

New feature!  Easy feedback form.  11/11/2002
Issue:  Users need to vent.
We had made it a little tough to provide feedback about the LinkChecker (not on purpose mind you) and our users have had to search for an email address just to provide simple feedback (or raging criticism).

Solution:  We have now added an easy feedback form that shows up in a neat little popup window when you click the "send feedback" link in the left side menu.
You can also access it here:  Send feedback

This is so simple - why didn't you think of it sooner? Errr, ummm, actually we had intended to add this all along. We just got a little carried away and in our haste launched the darned LinkChecker without providing a method for users to get in touch with us.

New feature!  Changed results format.  11/03/2002
Issue:  Some of our users have mentioned that they would like to see their results returned faster.  

Solution: We've changed the checking routine so that you now see your results returned 10 at a time. This speeds things up considerably.
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