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 Top level domains (TLD)  

Most people are familiar with the term "dot com", which refers to the 'com' TLD. Occasionally you will hear about a few other TLD's such as '.tv' or '.info', but did you know that there are many, many other TLD's?

These pages contain a list of the 'Generic' TLD's, as well as the country code TLD's, including the country that the domain extension has been assigned to.
Country codes: A - C | D - H | I - L | M - R | S - Z | General
TLD Country TLD Country
.ma Morrocco .mc Monaco
.md Moldava, Republic of .mg Madagascar
.mh Marshall Islands .mk Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic)
.ml Mali .mm Myanmar
.mn Mongolia .mo Macau
.mp Northern Mariana Islands .mq Martinique
.mr Mauritania .ms Montserrat
.mt Malta .mu Mauritius
.mv Maldives .mw Malawi
.mx Mexico .my Malaysia
.mz Mozambique        
.na Namibia .nc New Caledonia
.ne Niger .nf Norfolk Island
.ng Nigeria .ni Nicaragua
.nl Netherlands .no Norway
.np Nepal .nr Nauru
.nu Niue .nz New Zealand
.om Oman        
.pa Panama .pe Peru
.pf French Polynesia .pg Papua New Guinea
.ph Philipines .pk Pakistan
.pl Poland .pm St. Pierre & Miquelon
.pn Pitcairn Island .pr Puerto Rico
.ps Palestinian Territories .pt Portugal
.pw Palau .py Paraguay
.qa Qatar        
.re Reunion Island .ro Romania
.ru Russian Federation .rw Rwanda
Country codes: A - C | D - H | I - L | M - R | S - Z | General
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